Conference Day Two – 12th October 2016 

8.00am: Registration

Arrival tea and coffee

9.00am: Executive summary of DAY ONEJD

Jonathan Dutton FCIPS, JD Consultancy



9.05am: Plenary 5

Cost Vs. Risk in Services Procurement: Are You Seeing the Big Picture?

While sourcing, and contracting capabilities continue to mature, operational procurement, especially for services, remains a challenge. Without complete services category management, your organisation will grapple with excess spend, inefficiency and significant risk, not only in the near term but in the short term. Statement of Work (SOW)-based services and labour now account for more than 40 percent of the average company’s total workforce spend per year. Knowing this, it’s essential that businesses gain visibility into this critical, rapidly growing segment to establish procurement control.

This is where SAP Fieldglass – the services procurement solution that powers the agile enterprise – comes in. During this session, you’ll learn how leading Australian organisations partner with SAP Fieldglass to streamline SOW management.

Toni Jackson, Director of SAP Fieldglass, APAC.

9.35am: Plenary 6

Entrepreneurial SRM: the rise of new thinking in procurement

The rise of digital technologies promises to transform all sectors. With Uber we saw an entire sector dismantled and reassembled by the adoption of a business model in which services are offered on demand through direct contact between a customer and supplier, via mobile technology. Similarly, many other industries are in the throes of dramatic transformation. Businesses will need to significantly accelerate their ability to innovate in order to keep up with new players and business models. With this pressure facing all organisations, how can procurement contribute? What does this mean for supplier management and collaboration?

Key takeaways:

  • What it means to be entrepreneurial in procurement
  • What resources will be required to support procurement entrepreneurs
  • How to align key stakeholders and suppliers to achieve the company strategy and drive value for the organisation

This year, State of Flux will unveil the results of their 9th annual global SRM survey first in Sydney. In addition to exploring the topics above, you will see how Australian companies compare with their peers and the rest of the world when benchmarked against the six pillars of SRM best practice. Don’t miss this session if you’re building your roadmap for the future.

Alan Day, Chairman, State of Flux Limited (UK)

10.05am: Break to switch sessions around

10.10am – 10.50am: Seminar Stream 3 (click here to view the sessions in full detail)

 Seminar stream A: Collaboration, a different approach.

Ruth Abrams, Group Manager Supply, Evolution Mining

Seminar stream B: Collaborating for shared value: a case for profitable procurement on purpose

Matthew Perfect, Impact Spender, Facilitator and Coach

Seminar stream C: Business Agility – Working Smarter and Faster

Christine Petersen, Managing Director, Time Technology

Seminar stream D: Beyond Tactics: SRM Round-table session

Two Senior Representatives from State of Flux

10.50am: Refreshments

And Exhibition time…take the time to see the latest offerings from our extensive line-up of suppliers

11.30am – 12.10pm: Seminar Stream 4 (click here to view the sessions in full detail)

Seminar stream A: Preparing for Change – The Importance of Quality Data When Taking Your CW Programme to the Next Level

Chairing Round Table: Bronwen Fitzroy-Ezzy Asia Pacific Region, Beeline

Seminar stream B: Collaboration at the Sharp End – Does it Work?

Rob O’Byrne, Founder and CEO, The Logistics Bureau Group of Companies

Seminar stream C: Just because we have adversarial contracts doesn’t mean that we need to be adversarial

Scott Alden, Partner, Holding Redlich

Seminar stream D: Beyond Win-Win: Transforming relationships for “Win-With” outcomes

Fabian Courtaux , Co-Founder, Lead Negotiator, Mediator,Facilitator Coach, The Trusted Negotiator

12.10pm: Five minute break to switch sessions around

12.15pm: Plenary 7

Information – A key to Unlock Value through Collaboration

Collaboration can have many dimensions – with competitors, with suppliers, with other businesses, with other teams. One key element for successful collaboration is shared, reliable information. This may take the form of such things as market insights, reliable supplier information or operational processes.

In this session Owen will discuss how having the right information is not only essential, but also ‘what you need and where to get it’ to ensure successful supplier collaboration.

Owen West, Managing Director Asia Pacific, BROWZ

12.45pm: Presentation of Awards

1.00pm: Lunch 

And networking time with your peers and suppliers

2.00pm: Plenary 8

Sales, Pricing, Procurement and Finance – How can we all get along?

The modern world with all its targets and pressures has led to an increased focus on departments rather than assessing the bigger picture. Is there a way forward through digital collaboration and how can this feed through the organisation, breakdown the silos and serve the greater goal?

  • Exploring the basic principles of digital collaboration
  • Changing strategies: Moving away from traditional setups to more agile methods
  • Case study: Simple changes can make all the difference

Nick Peksa, Opportunities Director, Mintec (UK)

2.30pm: Break to turn sessions around

2.35pm – 3.15pm Seminar Stream 5 (click here to view the sessions in full detail)

Seminar stream A: Overcoming Collaboration Challenges that Stifle Sustainable Procurement – A Case Study and Lessons Learnt

Lea Maguero, Procurement Team Leader, REDARC Electronics

Seminar stream B: ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement opens the door to social, ethical and economic procurement

Mark Daniels, Head of Market & Sector Development, Social Traders
Jean-Louis Haie, Managing Director, Planet Procurement





Seminar stream C: PASA Connect – Collaborative learning, sharing and networking

Nigel Wardropper, Managing Director, PASA

Seminar stream D: Agile Contracting

Dr Sara Cullen, Managing Director, The Cullen Group, Fellow, The University of Melbourne

3.15pm: Break to turn sessions around

3.20pm – 4.00pm: Seminar Stream 6 (click here to view the sessions in full detail)

Seminar stream A: Local Government Collaboration – Collaborative Networking within Local Government Structure

Judy Davidson, MCIPS, Business Partner Procurement, City of Gold Coast and SEQPN Member
Sarah Lees, Procurement Coordinator, Lockyer Valley Regional Council and SEQPN Member



Seminar stream B: ‘Creating Collaborative Organisations through Procurement Led Cross-Functional Teams’

René Kling, FCIPS AFAIM, General Manager, Supply Chain Management Education Australia

Seminar steam C: What suppliers think about you; and how that impacts their performance

Dr Stefan Gassner, Procurement Practice Lead, PhD (Business), MCIPS, Grosvenor Management Consulting

Seminar steam D: Session TBC

4.00pm: Close of conference

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