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  • Day 1

    8th October 2019

  • Should we or shouldn’t we?

  • • Lean-agile procurement: what is it…. and what isn’t it? • When might it be the right answer….and when might it not? • Repositioning Procurement as Problem Solvers, rather than Police • Focussing on Value – but whose value?

  • Why are companies still focussing on costs going out and not value coming in? The Australian corporate landscape is unnecessarily complicated and doing a source to pay transformation that delivers real value tends to fall into the too hard basket. In this session, we explore how Procurement can shift to be a highly effective, insight-driven business enabler focussing less on the money heading out the door and more on the value coming back in. A shift that puts procurement leaders back in the driving seat of business leadership.

  • Take the time to engage with the extensive line-up of solutions providers and suppliers, whose support is crucial to the event

  • The first two finalists for the 2019 PASA Awards will provide a ‘Ted Talk’ length case study (pitch their submission), with the audience voting to determine the winners.

  • In this panel discussions we will explore questions such as: • Do we position procurement incorrectly? • What are the key attributes to procurement success? • Who should do procurement?

  • The remaining two finalists for the 2019 PASA Awards will pitch their award submission for voting by the audience.

  • A changed competitive landscape drove Cabcharge, a very traditional business, to expedite the digital transformation of taxi payments. Hear how organisations are now utilising enhanced data captured at a trip level, not accessible from credit card payments, to streamline end of month reconciliation and audit demands.

  • And networking time with your peers and suppliers

  • If Procurement is going to continue to add value in more areas, operating smarter is a must. Leaders need more time to plan and actionable information at their fingertips. Innovative technologies such as AI offer great potential, but only if leveraged properly. In this session, we will discuss the results of a comprehensive new study by Forrester commissioned by Ivalua. How can you get beyond the hype and realize the full potential of technology to empower smarter procurement today?

  • Procurement has the energy and ambition to make a real difference, but today is frequently held back by its image. Research shows that it is seen primarily as a compliance function and the behaviour of most practitioners is viewed as ‘preventive’. To recast that image there must be a shift of focus - supporting change, enabling innovation, restructuring relationships. This presentation will focus on the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ - the steps that take us to a new level.

  • From the evolving role of the CPO to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), to how to better partner with your C level counterparts, in this session we will cover how procurement can achieve true transformation including harnessing the power of community Intelligence.

  • Take the time to engage with the extensive line-up of solutions providers and suppliers, whose support is crucial to the event.

  • Alan will unveil the results of the 11th Annual State of Flux Global Survey into supplier relationship management, with innovation as the key theme. In addition he will highlight examples of ‘shining stars’, procurement teams that are demonstrating the kind of innovative skills and capabilities that will drive value into the future.

  • The votes submitted by the audience earlier in the day have been added up and the race to the engravers to collect the trophy has (hopefully) been completed. So who will be the winners? Celebrate with the procurement team that has demonstrated the ‘Best example of non-traditional procurement’ as we announce the winners of the 2019 PASA Award.

  • Join the newly crowned 2019 PASAAward winners and your peers for networking drinks throughout ConfeX

  • Day 2

    9th October 2019

  • If you always do what you've always done, you will always get what you've always got! Do you suffer from Stakeholders that go around your procurement processes, Executives who don’t really understand and value your function, a team that doesn’t rise to the strategic occasion? Sound familiar? Are you changing it up or going with your tried and tested methods? Using examples from real-life experience, Kylie will encourage you to think outside the box in order to really make a difference and get the recognition your efforts deserve.

  • The infrastructure delivery arm of Sydney Water overhauled how it partners with suppliers by implementing a ground breaking partnering framework from 2014 – 2019. Learn how the innovative framework: • Awards work on the basis of high performance • Stimulates collaboration • Enables Early Contractor Involvement • Improves supplier performance across all Key Performance Indicators • and paves the way for genuine partnering in the public sector.

  • Hear from a global leader in use of AI in procurement as they demonstrate the potential of technology to drive effective and efficient category management.

  • It may be slow, but Robotic Process Automation is coming to Procurement. Advances such as tendering solutions that can be completed by the business and P2P with the smarts to deal with exceptions will forever change the role of procurement. So what’s next for procurement? Lynn will make the case that procurement is in a unique position to see across the entire organisation…and to leverage its relationship management and influencing skills to use that power for good!

  • Take the time to see the latest offerings from our extensive line-up of suppliers and make sure you are in the draw for any prizes!

  • Kate and Frank from State of Flux will share the insights from their global research and consulting engagements on how to set up the right structures to facilitate supplier engagement and collaboration. This will be an interactive session, allowing participants time to work through their own live examples of supplier collaboration, applying State of Flux principles. Participants will come away having deepened their understanding of effective supplier management practices, as well as having workshopped their own example of a supplier relationship, utilising the knowledge to streamline relationships, unlock value and drive real change

  • In business we have become numb to PowerPoint presentations and so have our stakeholders. In this interactive mini-workshop you will be introduced to fun interactive techniques and tools to help you wow your fiercest critics, get their involvement and buy-in to change programmes, and even better, to see the value of procurement and you! Be different, break the Mould and have fun!!!

  • And networking time with your peers and suppliers

  • Despite innovations, new ideas and a world of possibility and opportunity, humans, by and large, are notorious for staying with what is familiar to them and not wanting to ‘rock the boat’, that is until there is a crisis. This 'stay as we are' approach didn’t go well for Kodak. So, is Procurement at risk of having a Kodak moment? This interactive workshop will explore the current state of procurement - the pluses and minuses - and what the future may hold. It will examine how current and emerging trends are affecting the supply chain, consumer sentiment, technology, brands, reputations, business viability and relationships, and where the opportunities are for procurement to remain and/or be a viable and reliable business partner from inside their own organisations. Participants will come away with: • a clearer idea of what opportunities look like for the procurement profession moving forward • how procurement professionals will need to adapt and position themselves as valuable businesses partners • what human skills and qualities will be vital to navigate this hybrid-digital-human world • 'Brand Procurement' - why should businesses choose to work with Procurement?

  • Game changing and Procurement are not words usually heard in the same sentence. In this case study you will hear how the client, Watercare, used the behavioural expertise of The Predictive Index to assess partners in a ground-breaking RFP. Hear how true collaboration is being built, in a first for not only New Zealand, but also the Construction industry itself. Experience the model for yourself in this interactive workshop

  • The ability to communicate strategically so that business audiences of all stripes can not only grasp your point quickly but see the value you bring is essential for today’s Procurement Professionals. Mastering a simple three-step process is key to going beyond being a solid performer and being recognised as a value-adding partner in your business. In the workshop I will help you • Think more deeply about your audience and purpose • See how to structure your thinking around one key idea that is supported powerfully and • Have ideas for delivering that thinking in whatever form is necessary to engage your audience quickly

  • The new Modern Slavery Legislation has been top of mind for procurement for the last year, but we are now getting down to the sharp end where effected organisations are going to have to develop their reporting plans. In this mini-workshop, Scott will take you through the key seven steps of your modern slavery plan, providing you information and tools to ensure that you and your organisation get it right.